Here you will find general tips for visiting Mexico. We know that our attendees come from all over the world and will need tips on visiting Merida. Recommendation on this site is mainly for informational purposes. You are responsible for checking with your doctor about medical advice as well as with your embassy on travel advisory.


Temperatures in Merida for September have an Average of 21.6 Celsius (70.9 Fahrenheit) with an Average High of 34.2 Celsius (93.6 Fahrenheit) and an Average Humidity of 76% and it is very sunny. Please note there may be occasional showers. The organizers suggest that you bring a light jacket or pullover and an umbrella.

Sun Protection and Hydration

We recommend that you bring sufficient sun protection and that you remain hydrated during your stay in Mexico. For clothing, light-colored, lightweight fabrics that are also comfortable and breathable (think natural fibers such as cotton) are recommended.

Tap water is not generally advised for drinking in Mexico. Bottled water is recommended and it is widely available on supermarkets and convenience stores.


We are closely monitoring the current situation regarding the Zika virus. We recommend our participants to look at the updated information by the World Health Organization as well as your embassies.


US Embassy Advisory (search for “Yucatan”)”:

German embassy Sicherheitshinweise:

Japanese Embassy: