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Current Openings

Job Openings

Associate/full-faculty prof. at UASLP, Mexico. Endowment for: future classrooms,  medical signal processing, or embedded systems research.

Javier Flavio Vigueras Gomez

flavio [at]


Computer Vision Expert Job opening at Research Institute b<>com for implementing a new open-source AR framework.

Jérôme Royan

jerome.royan [at]


Join the Development Team that creates Vuforia, the leading platform for Augmented Reality!

Michael Gervautz

mgervautz [at]


Software engineering position at Disney Research Zurich, Switzerland

Anselm Grundhöfer

anselm [at]


Talents with crazy AR/VR ideas wanted

Xin Chen

chenxin21 [at]


Join the DAQRI Augmented Reality team. DAQRI is the human-machine interface company changing the future of work.

Judy Truong

judy.truong [at]


Hiring graphics, data compression, meshing, and computer vision experts for the fastest growing vr & ar company on the east coast. 

Mohammad Raheel Khalid 

Mohammad.Khalid3 [at] 


Open positions for computer vision experts in Germany

Wolfgang Broll

wolfgang.broll [at]


Graduate or Postgraduate Opportunities

Graduate positions in the Synthetic Reality Lab (SREAL) at the University of Central Florida

Greg Welch

welch [at]


IITL AR program for intern/postdoc opportunity

Jia Zhang

zhangjiatw [at]


PhD and Postdoc positions

Dieter Schmalstieg

schmalstieg [at]


PhD student/Postdoc position in AR-based configuration of home interior

Tobias Schwandt

tobias.schwandt [at]


Looking for bright students who like to join us in Australia at the Wearable Computer Lab, Prof Bruce Thomas

Prof Bruce Thomas

bruce.thomas [at]


PhD and Post Doc opportunities and Bristol University, Real-time Vision

Walterio Mayol-Cuevas

wmayol [at]


Presenting about the Empathic Computing lab at the University of South Australia, one of the few research laboratories focusing on how AR, VR and wearable technologies can be used to help create shared understanding between people.

Mark Billinghurst

mark.billingurst [at]


DFKI Augmented Vision: Current & Upcoming AR Projects

Oliver Wasenmüller

oliver.wasenmueller [at]


Exchange student (e.g., for master thesis), PhD or post-doc position

Jens Grubert

jg [at] 


New Zealand has more to offer than Lord of the Rings, for example interesting Exchange, Master and PhD opportunities in Virtual and Augmented Reality here at University of Otago. So come join us at down underer! 

Tobias Langlotz



We do applied research in augmented reality, especially for industrial applications, and we would like to inspire students and graduates for possible opportunities in our lab.

Harald Wuest

Harald.Wuest [at]