deBallution – Interactive Artwork by Throwing Pseudo Balls Based on Cultural Heritages

Je-ho Oh


Robust Keyframe-based Monocular SLAM for Augmented Reality

Guofeng Zhang


Remote Collaboration System with Empathy Glasses

Youngho Lee


Mixed Reality Extended TV

Caroline Baillard


Sigma-DVO: Sensor Noise Model Meets Dense Visual Odometry

Benzun Pious Wisely Babu, Soohwan Kim, Zhixin Yan, Liu Ren


The Object of Absence

Jaime Alonso Lobato Cardoso


From CAD to 3D Tracking — Enhancing & Scaling Model-based Tracking for Industrial Appliances

Jens Keil


EyeAR: Refocusable Augmented Reality Content through Eye Measurements

Damien Constantine Rompapas


TeachAR: An Interactive Augmented Reality Tool for Teaching Basic English to Non-Native Children

Che Samihah Che Dalim


AR4AR based on ARVIDA Reference Architecture: Application Demonstration

Frieder Pankratz


Do You See What I See? The Effect of Gaze Tracking on Task Space Remote Collaboration

Kunal Gupta, Gun Lee, Mark Billinghurst


Participatory Mixed Reality Space: Collective Memories

Yun Tae Nam


Scalable Mobile Image Recognition for Real-Time Video Annotation

Clemens Arth


Blurry (Sticky) Finger: Proprioceptive Pointing and Selection of Distant Objects for Optical See-through based Augmented Reality

Ja Eun Yu


InspectAR: An Augmented Reality Inspection Framework for Industry

Ramakrishna Perla


Collaborative Content Creation with the OpenUIX Framework

Mikel Salazar